About Us

Welcome to Mall4Kiddos.com. We are a family owned company, committed to becoming your main store of choice for all your children's needs, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality products at the best prices possible. Our prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever products you need.

Why Us

At Mall4Kiddos.com, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problem parents faced everyday. How to provide their kids with the basic needs without breaking the bank?? Traditional retailers don't transfer to end consumers the savings they receive through their buying power. However, the most concerning issue is that there is a lot of inefficiencies in this industry and major retailers don't know how to eliminate them. Parents want to buy good quality children products at a fair price and our mission is to make it possible. Our mission at Mall4Kiddos is to make the Children's Apparel products more affordable to parents around the world so they don't break the bank when buying the products our little humans need. Our team is dedicated to eliminate all the inefficiencies starting with the manufacturing process, then through packaging and finally the delivery so parents can SAVE money when buying at Mall4Kiddos.

Our Core Values

  • Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
  • Create Long-Term Relationships with Our Customers
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • Inspire Happiness and Positivity
  • Make Sure Our Customers are Pleased

Our Partners

For your convenience we’ve partnered with several organizations.


Our team is made up of industry professionals who share the same needs you have because they are also parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters who negotiate with our vendors so we can all WIN together

  • Oprah Phillips
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Samantha Bailey
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Nataly Robinson
    Customer Support Manager
  • Anton Martin
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Amber Lee
    Customer Support Specialist

Keep in Contact with Us

We're continually working on our online store and are open to any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us.